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The Nature of Crystals & Minerals

The Nature of Crystals & Minerals published on No Comments on The Nature of Crystals & Minerals



This weekend I attended a Crystal and Mineral Show. While perusing tables of glittering semi-precious stones and polished geodes, I watched a woman pick up a polished amethyst, hold it in her hands, close her eyes and smile. I smiled too because I’m familiar with that experience…

What is it about certain stones and crystals that make us feel a certain way?

In other words: What are these mysterious properties that they have other then sparkling beauty and varied color?
Crystals and minerals have been used by many cultures throughout time for medicinal and other purposes. The ancient Egyptians and Native Americans would bury their dead with quartz crystals. In ancient Greece, hematite was used as protection for soldiers in battle and bloodstone to staunch bleeding. Aryuvedic medicine in India considers crystals valuable for healing emotional and metaphysical imbalances, as documented in the Hindu Vedas.

As it turns out, because of the physical composition of a stone, it will naturally hold different frequencies of energy.

How does this happen?



About 90% of the elements in the Periodic Table conduct electricity. Everything on earth is made up of elements in the Periodic Table, elements being made of only one type of atom. That means most things on earth, crystals and minerals included, can conduct some amount of electricity and often maintain it, however meager.

Crystals and minerals simply have an inherent energy frequency due to their particular composition.

Because most things can conduct energy on some level, it helps explain why you can “feel someone” in an object or item they’ve held close for a long time. Or perhaps you can “feel an event” like an argument in a room, long after it happened. The energy frequencies of the individuals involved magnetized the article or location much the way a magnet will magnetize iron if it is near it for a period of time.

One can’t help but think of the mystery and beauty of the mechanics of life; and we ourselves are indeed the body electric. This is also why it’s important to regularly check-in with oneself and how your energy is feeling… and perhaps purchase a crystal that “feels” good to hold.

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