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Recognizing a Parasidic Draw or Energy Vampire : Part 1

Recognizing a Parasidic Draw or Energy Vampire : Part 1 published on No Comments on Recognizing a Parasidic Draw or Energy Vampire : Part 1


One morning, I jumped in my car and when I turned the key in the ignition, the engine turned over, but didn’t start. “Oh no…” I thought, my stomach suddenly feeling queasy.  (We all know this feeling!)
I tried again, the engine turned over a few times, didn’t start.
Then a third try, the engine finally turned over and started.
Throughout the next few days I watched the behavior of my car. It would have trouble starting in the morning, but in the afternoon or anytime after that initial morning start, it would start right up with no trouble at all.
What was happening?
This isn’t typical behavior of a failing starter engine or perhaps an alternator problem…
Finally I brought my car to the mechanic where we discovered I had what’s called a Parasitic Draw. Sounds creepy, right?

A Parasitic Draw is when there is an electrical component in your car that slowly drains the battery of energy. This typically isn’t noticeable when driving because the operation of the car itself is designed to charge your battery; but when the car isn’t operating, like at night when you’re home in bed, the energy drain can be noticeable enough that there isn’t enough juice in the battery to start the car the next day.
“Whoa!” I thought … “I’ve experienced Parasitic Draws in my personal life too!” I’ve been with people or in places when I felt exhausted or sick, only to be back to normal as soon as I got away. My energy returned and I was back to myself again.
And sometimes, like my car, they aren’t that easy to diagnose either …
A more common name to describe something or someone that is sucking up your time and energy is: a psychic vampire or energy vampire.
This energy drain happens on many different levels and we’ve all experienced it.
All of our relationships are governed by a give and take of energy and this affects the quality of our lives and health. It’s usually an unconscious competition for energy that underlies energy vampires.
Often times these vampires don’t know how they are affecting others. A bad day at the office, and injury, or hearing bad news can make anyone into a temporary energy vampire. When you are suffering, you naturally reach out for support.
Sometimes a person has suffered a serious trauma they haven’t healed from and are unconsciously sucking energy from others to support themselves. Where does this energy go that they keep drawing? When there’s an unaddressed trauma, there usually are leaks in the aura where energy escapes, or the energy is sent back in time surrounding the trauma itself to protect the psyche of individual who is suffering.
It is important to have compassion for this person, for you do not know their pain. But, also be mindful of yourself that they don’t suck your energy dry. There are ways to help without sacrificing your own well-being.
It’s also important to note, that there are some vampires who are much more conscious of the rush they receive from an energy draw. Some even go so far as to control, overpower or manipulate others or situations because they know it’s a quick way to boost themselves.
They best way to figure out if you’re on the presence of an Energy Vampire or a Parasitic situation is to:
Listen to your body.
Ask yourself: How do I feel in this situation or with this person?
What is your first instinct?
Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel aware? Are you backing away? Are you seeing red flags? Are you crossing your arms? Do you feel tired or irritable?

These are all things to be aware of – your body language and feelings will indicate what is happening. Your body will unconsciously respond to the truth regardless of what your mind is thinking. And be aware that your mind will try to dismiss these signals.
This intuitive listening with your body to determine energetic quality can be applied to sensing work environments and living arrangements as well as relationships and meeting new people.
Always ask yourself: How do I feel?




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