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Subtle Energy of Crystals & Minerals

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We know it’s the unique crystalline structure of a stone that causes it to give off a particular frequency. Certain crystals and minerals vibrate in a way that resonate with and strengthen particular energies inside a person. This is why they are applied to help heal, cause shifts in attitude, shifts in thinking, and enhance the ability to attract desired elements into one’s life.
When working with stones and crystals you are working with your subtle energies.



These energies reveal themselves and shift in quieter ways than other physical types of energies. Thus for example, if you carry a crystal or stone as an amulet or in your pocket, you’ll notice its effects over time, rather than immediate.



So, when choosing crystals or stones to use or work with, it’s imperative to take your time and sense how they resonate with your own subtle energies. If having a bit of difficulty determining if a particular stone is good to use at this time, self -applied kinesiology or using a pendulum will help.

Individual stones give off a type of energy vibration very specific to that particular stone. Quartz crystals are unique in that they operate in a much broader way that amplifies all the subtle energy frequencies with which they come into contact. Simply put, a quartz crystal will amplify and intensify the energy you put into it by resonating with it and making it stronger. If you are feeling positive and loving, it will help amplify that sensation. Coupling quartz crystals with other stones and crystals will also amplify their effect.


big-mixbag2By using crystals and stones, you can concentrate your growth by working with one stone and one element about yourself, or several items at a time by using several stones.




I recommend patience, as working with these energies will bring to the surface what is happening inside you, and show what you need to work on in order to be a better, happier person.

Remember, it is you who must do the work. When something comes to the surface of your consciousness, you must address it.

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