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Choosing Crystals for Healing

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So you’re at a big crystal & mineral show, or the Sunday market, or at a specialty crystal shop and you want to buy a crystal… but which is the right one?

The best place to start is by identifying what is it you’d like to have remedied and the affiliated Chakra. The Chakras (Sanskrit, “wheel”) are seven major energy centers of the body starting at the root and ending at the head following the centerline of the body. Chakras are part of the subtle body where life force energy flows through the body’s channels. Each Chakra governs different physical organs, emotional and mental states.

When the concept of Chakras and the energetic system based on them was brought over to the West, the colors associated with them were simplified to the most dominant color.


The simplest way to choose a crystal is based on the color of the chakra related to the issue you would like to address.
1st Chakra – The ROOT

Primary color is red, also black
Crystals like Garnet or Onyx, Red Jasper

2nd Chakra – The Sacral
Primary color is orange
Crystals like Carnelian, orange calcite

3rd Chakra – The Solar Plexus
Primary color is yellow
Crystals like Citrine, Tiger eye, Yellow topaz

4th Chakra – The Heart
Primary color is green, also pink
Crystals like Rose Quartz or Jade or Aventurine

5th Chakra – The Throat
Primary color blue.
Crystals like Turquoise or Sodalite

6th Chakra – The Third eye (or brow)
Primary color is dark blue or various shades of dark blue.
Gemstones like Lapis Lazuli or Amethyst

7th Chakra – The Crown
Primary color is purple; also colorless (clear) or white.
Gemstones like Amethyst or Clear Quartz

Once you have chosen a crystal, hold it in your hands and see how it feels. The way crystals cause effect and positive change in you body is through resonance. A crystal that feels good is resonating in a harmonious way with your own energy field and subtly causing balance.

There are many, many crystals that cause a variety of effects and can be used in many ways. Take your time to get to know them and their many uses.

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The Subtle Energy of Crystals and Minerals



Subtle Energy of Crystals & Minerals

Subtle Energy of Crystals & Minerals published on No Comments on Subtle Energy of Crystals & Minerals



We know it’s the unique crystalline structure of a stone that causes it to give off a particular frequency. Certain crystals and minerals vibrate in a way that resonate with and strengthen particular energies inside a person. This is why they are applied to help heal, cause shifts in attitude, shifts in thinking, and enhance the ability to attract desired elements into one’s life.
When working with stones and crystals you are working with your subtle energies.



These energies reveal themselves and shift in quieter ways than other physical types of energies. Thus for example, if you carry a crystal or stone as an amulet or in your pocket, you’ll notice its effects over time, rather than immediate.



So, when choosing crystals or stones to use or work with, it’s imperative to take your time and sense how they resonate with your own subtle energies. If having a bit of difficulty determining if a particular stone is good to use at this time, self -applied kinesiology or using a pendulum will help.

Individual stones give off a type of energy vibration very specific to that particular stone. Quartz crystals are unique in that they operate in a much broader way that amplifies all the subtle energy frequencies with which they come into contact. Simply put, a quartz crystal will amplify and intensify the energy you put into it by resonating with it and making it stronger. If you are feeling positive and loving, it will help amplify that sensation. Coupling quartz crystals with other stones and crystals will also amplify their effect.


big-mixbag2By using crystals and stones, you can concentrate your growth by working with one stone and one element about yourself, or several items at a time by using several stones.




I recommend patience, as working with these energies will bring to the surface what is happening inside you, and show what you need to work on in order to be a better, happier person.

Remember, it is you who must do the work. When something comes to the surface of your consciousness, you must address it.

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Choosing Crystals for Healing

The Nature of Crystals & Minerals

The Nature of Crystals & Minerals published on No Comments on The Nature of Crystals & Minerals



This weekend I attended a Crystal and Mineral Show. While perusing tables of glittering semi-precious stones and polished geodes, I watched a woman pick up a polished amethyst, hold it in her hands, close her eyes and smile. I smiled too because I’m familiar with that experience…

What is it about certain stones and crystals that make us feel a certain way?

In other words: What are these mysterious properties that they have other then sparkling beauty and varied color?
Crystals and minerals have been used by many cultures throughout time for medicinal and other purposes. The ancient Egyptians and Native Americans would bury their dead with quartz crystals. In ancient Greece, hematite was used as protection for soldiers in battle and bloodstone to staunch bleeding. Aryuvedic medicine in India considers crystals valuable for healing emotional and metaphysical imbalances, as documented in the Hindu Vedas.

As it turns out, because of the physical composition of a stone, it will naturally hold different frequencies of energy.

How does this happen?



About 90% of the elements in the Periodic Table conduct electricity. Everything on earth is made up of elements in the Periodic Table, elements being made of only one type of atom. That means most things on earth, crystals and minerals included, can conduct some amount of electricity and often maintain it, however meager.

Crystals and minerals simply have an inherent energy frequency due to their particular composition.

Because most things can conduct energy on some level, it helps explain why you can “feel someone” in an object or item they’ve held close for a long time. Or perhaps you can “feel an event” like an argument in a room, long after it happened. The energy frequencies of the individuals involved magnetized the article or location much the way a magnet will magnetize iron if it is near it for a period of time.

One can’t help but think of the mystery and beauty of the mechanics of life; and we ourselves are indeed the body electric. This is also why it’s important to regularly check-in with oneself and how your energy is feeling… and perhaps purchase a crystal that “feels” good to hold.

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