Ascension Healing Arts

Your entire life is your spiritual journey.
It began the day you were born.

Originally from Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, I discovered Reiki while traveling across the south island of New Zealand. This was one of many magical, serendipitous events and healing modalities learned that birthed Ascension Healing Arts.

My wish is to create a loving and safe community where there is open learning and discussion of spirituality and personal development. This is why I created and oversee the North Seattle Healing & Spirituality Meetup group where open discussion groups & events are offered. There is also ongoing support for each of my Reiki students and monthly Reiki Shares where they may practice their skills.

I am a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, give regular treatments, attunements, intuitive healings/readings, bioenergy healings and also channel Virtue, a powerful healing Grace.

I believe that we are always naturally moving toward healing and balance. That you found Ascension Healing Arts indicates that your healing is ready to begin...

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