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Bio-energy Healing is an intense healing modality that helps to balance and align the physical body, mental state and emotions. It is a healing approach which works with the bio-energy field, energy centers and avenues by which energy flows, opening channels and inducing rapid shifts.

Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle form of "laying on hands" technique which allows the healing frequency of Reiki energy to flow through the practioner to those that need healing.


Women's Self Defense Workshop - SEATTLE, WA
December 4th, Sunday :
9:30am - 12:30pm
$60 to Register
The Ballet Studio
4556 University Way NE #200, Seattle, WA 98115

Self-Defense training can increase your options and help you prepare responses to de-escalate, or interrupt an attack. Like any tool, the more you know about it, the more informed you are to make a decision and to use it.
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Hear what others are saying:

Joanna is a wonderful love being! I took multiple classes with her. And I just can not believe how much more I have expanded myself spiritually, and got the guidance that I needed. She is so loved and understanding. I would recommend anyone to get to know her! Thank you Joanna for being you.
T.T. - Seattle, WA

Joanna's Bio-Energy therapy is genuinely an amazing technique, the likes of which I have never experienced from previous work with healing practices. I have been suffering since early childhood from a range of physical and mental ailments, and before the therapy I was unsure if it were even possible for me to ever experience life fully and happily. The treatment was an overwhelmingly beautiful experience, as she gently worked like a skilled surgeon and walked me through every step of the process. I have since noticed significant changes in my thought patterns and moods, and every day I feel healthier and more full of life. The experience was truly a blessing.
A.A.- Seattle, WA

I felt the energy of the room change as she prepared the space. The treatment was intense, inducing emotional release of deep, long-buried issues without re-living details. I could feel the difference in the energy flow in my body after the channels were cleared and aligned. The healing was profound while subtle.
I could feel the effects for days after our session, but I'm still noticing the changes weeks later...

P.G.S.- Seattle, WA Copyright 2016

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